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Recently renovated, the rooms of the Rubini house are finely furnished and very welcoming. They are arranged on two levels, on the first and second floors of a building without elevators. To characterize them, wonderful ceilings with exposed beams.

On the first floor the rooms are equipped with flowered balconies, which offer a view of the ancient alley that runs along the walls of the ancient Greek city; the second, on the other hand, are typically attic and some embellished with a skylight made from the wood of the ceiling.

We have eliminated the superfluous from the rooms, to guarantee you safe as well as clean environments, without sacrificing comfort.

The Location


One step away from the ancient Doric temples and immersed in the suggestion of an ancient alley in bloom, stands Casa Rubini.

We are located 200 meters from the Museum and the entrance to the Archaeological Park, a few minutes from the beaches of the wonderful Cilento coast and from the station.

You will be able to enjoy all the beauty of our territory even by parking the car upon arrival and taking it back only on the day of your departure, walking to the places of greatest interest.

From sunset, the alley in which Casa Rubini stands becomes a pedestrian area, allowing you to reach the shops, pizzerias, souvenir shops and even typical restaurants in great tranquility, such as the steakhouse that we manage right in front of the Rubini house.

The location is central, not only for visiting Paestum, but also for a possible trip to discover Cilento.



BREAKFAST: The way you start the day is so important that at the Rubini home, breakfast must always be special. It includes sweet and savory with great attention to renowned local products. With great passion, we will season everything with smiles and good humor.

In the summer it will be possible to have breakfast in the garden of the Rubini house, in the shade of citrus trees, with all the charm that the ancient wall offers.


On request, it is possible to compose a personalized stay based on the needs of each of our guests. The same property manages, in fact, other gastronomic realities of excellence in the Paestana area: La Bottega del Gusto, located right at the entrance to the archaeological area, ideal for a fleeting lunch in the shade of the temples based on typical dishes of the territory, and Antiche Mura Braceria, romantic and elegant point of reference in the heart of Via Tavernelle, which offers a wide choice of international meats and delicious alternatives of fresh Cilento fish.

And in the moments of pause and relaxation of your day in Paestum, you can relax sitting at the tables of Bar Anna, enjoying a delicious cup of homemade ice cream, admiring the majesty of the Temple of Ceres right in front of you, or stop by Antiche Mura Dolceria, located under Casa Rubini, for a sweet cuddle before going to sleep!

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